What it does

What It Does

Loaded Vitamin Drink was formulated for the tough and rugged athlete who hungers for more Power and Energy!  Empower your body with a high-potency supplement in a liquid compound.   Loaded Vitamin Drink helps give you a power surge during your performance like no other sports drink!

Loaded Vitamin Drink formula is designed to give you more energy through high-potency vitamins.  It will aid and increase your performance level and decrease your recovery time.   Loaded Vitamin Drink is everything you need to keep you training at your peak level!

Loaded Vitamin Drink is in a class of its own!  It can be used as performance enhancement while exercising or simply as a daily source of vitamins.  Loaded Sports Drink is geared toward the serious athlete who is looking to get that extra edge during their training regimen; and also towards the individual wanting more vitamins and minerals in their daily diet.


LOADED is an extremely effective sports drink with more replenishing features then any other sports drink. It’s also a great tasting liquid vitamin supplement that is literally loaded with 26 essential vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, herbs and other nutrients. In other words…
LOADED is both a sports drink and a vitamin supplement.